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Parenting Can be a Challenge | Our Okemos, MI Child Behavioral Therapists Can Help

Child Behavioral Therapist Okemos | Women's Personal Growth & Therapy Center - childens-therapy-behavioral-counselingParenting behavioral problems in children and adolescents can be trying.

Has your adolescent developed oppositional behavior or have anger management problems? Some troubled youth become stuck in the juvenile justice system because of delinquency or bullying. Perhaps your small child has disruptive school interactions or general difficulties with social skills.

Some difficulties children experience are sadness, grief, anxiety, depression, aggression, and mental performance. These problems can be related to family changes or issues like a split up, illness, or death. Therapists in our practice are interested in your particular circumstances and will individualize an effective treatment plan.

Our staff includes licensed psychologists, counselors, and social workers, some of whom have specialized training and experience treating children and adolescents for a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. Untreated trauma, emotional, and behavioral issues that are not treated at a young age can manifest throughout the life of an individual in unhealthy ways, which is why it's important to address a child's emotional needs early in their development.

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